Marketing 4.0.

Research suggests that most customers believe more in the f-factor (friends, families, fans and followers) than in marketing communications.

"Most customers now ask strangers on social media for advice and trust them more than advertising and expert opinions"

In recent years, the trend has spurred the growth of communal rating systems such as TripAdvisor and Yelp. How well is your business rated on these websites?

Brands need to listen into conversations between:

  • FANS

A relationship between brands and customers should no longer be vertical but instead it should be horizontal.

"Customers should be considered peers and friends of the brand"

A new breed of customer, the one that will be the majority in the near future, is emerging globally-young, urban, middle-class with strong mobility and connectivity.

"These new types of customers are interested in things they see on television, they search for them on their mobile."

Customers research the price and quality online in-store. Customers are highly connected trusting their network of friends and family more than they trust brands.